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International analysts predict that product innovation, teleco business diversification and an growth in mergers and acquisitions will only enable the continued development of the telecommunications industry in the long run. In addition to that, building future proof infrastructure networks will enable and facilitate this endless growth that will cater for future technologies. There are many opportunities for investors, and an increase in investors will only serve to benefit the sector further which will allow companies to be a change maker.

The solidity of the sector’s development implies that it is thought to be a solid cautious investment while preserving its demand to growth financiers. Even during the global volatile economic times, the continuous demand for voice and data services, along with vast subscription plans, altogether guarantees stable source of revenue streams for telecom companies.

At Dushi Group, as one of the leading ICT companies locally and in Africa, we believe that the voice and mainly data demand will continue to grow for years to come. Therefore, we consider advancing our customers growth by provide the state-of-the-art products and services for their networks. One of the main area’s that Dushi group is leading at is the OSP networks. Fiber Optics (OSP) network remains the future proof and the foundation of modern data transmission and progressively adopted in telco, ISP’s, OiL&GAS and big enterprises data networks. Dushi group have the best-in-class experts in the domain and global partners for supplying the high end OSP products.

On the other side, Dushi group is one of the leading pioneers in the value-added services (VAS) domain locally and in Africa. Delivering legacy and digital advanced contents to our end user is our top strategies and passion.

More text to be written about other domains such as:

  • Telecom Network Spare parts
  • Networking Products, such as Cisco, Juniper ..etc